When I was at SOAR this past Autumn/Fall and took Janel Laidman's class on Color in Spinning, we worked with the hand-dyed fibers from this company, mainly BFL ( BLue Faced Leicester) and Merino-Tencel ( 50-50 ) both in variegated colourways and mono-coloured - one colourway. And...I have just placed a little Xmas order for 50-50 Merino-Tencel just to check if the colours I receive are the same/similar to what we used in class. What can I say except, she knows her stuff. And I've sampled some Merino-Tencel from different Etsy sellers, and..she's good. Good saturated colours!
The variegated colourways 'Klee' and 'Taos' are still favourites. Next time!!